GTD + 2021 Dashboard Notion Template (Integrated with an Eiesenhower's Matrix)

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"Your head is for having ideas, not holding them." - David Allen, Author of Getting Things Done

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by all your tasks that you were unsure of where to even start? As a student working two part-times and the occasional freelance project, GTD really helped me stay on track with my different responsibilities.

With this template you get:

✨ A step by step GTD system

✨ A 2021 Dashboard view of your tasks

✨ An Eisenhower's Matrix connected to your GTD tasks

✨ A habit/scheduling tracker!

✨ Tutorials and resources on the GTD system & Eisenhower's Matrix for people who aren't familiar with the system! (As well, as on how the template works)

Want a preview? Check it out here.

I want this!
Eisenhower's Matrix
GTD Page with Step-by-step Instructions
A Habit Tracker / Habits Scheduler
Current / Today Page


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